For some women as early as in their mid 30s, hormone imbalance create a virtual sexual freefall. The lack of sex drive is one big problem but as other additional symptoms build, their sex life is increasingly compromised by a variety of other interconnected physical, emotional, and mental issues. Most women are aware of how the mechanism of action between progesterone and estrogen shifts as they age but they tend to think of testosterone as a male-only hormone. But in reality, it is present in both sexes.

From puberty until menopause, women produce on average a tenth of the amount of testosterone as compared to that produced by men. Testosterone in women contributes to rapid growth at puberty and is believed to help regulate the function of the major organs and muscles including the reproductive tract.

For sexual growth and function, testosterone is the hormone of desire. In addition to boosting libido, it promotes sexual pleasure for women.

We at PG Clinic understand these life changes and therefore have created programs specifically to manage and counteract this predicament. Our Doctors will develop specific programs according to our client’s condition and needs. Please contact us for further queries.