Immunity Enhancement

  • Natural Killer Cells Therapy (anti-cancer therapy)
  • Natural Killer and T-Cell Therapy (anti-cancer and immunity booster) Gene therapy
  • Targeted gene therapy conducted by World Class Specialist (US Trained). Specifically targeting cancer markers through patient’s gene markers.

Detox Programs

  • Chelation (Heavy metal detox) + Vitamin C + Vitamin B complex Package
  • Chelation + Liver detox program (Gluta)
  • Food detox program
  • Vegetable drink detox

Wellness Programs

  • Super Myer Cocktail therapy  (Premium Grade)
  • Ozone therapy
  • Hyperbaric therapy

*Please note that the program above will be titrated to individual patient’s current condition and past medical history. A specific medical program will be tailored by our Consulting Doctor.